Al Sumaria en vivo

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Al Sumaria

Al Sumaria

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* Descripción; Alsumaria is an independent Iraqi satellite TV network that transmits on Nilesat, Hotbird, and Noorsat/Eurobird. Established by a group of professional businessmen in 2004, it has 700 employees across Iraq, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

Alsumaria adopts a Liberal perspective whilst maintaining religious faith and strongly refuting repression and autocracy. Alsumaria produces almost all of its 24/7 programs in-house. It broadcasts live entertainment, social, political, and game shows hosted by young Iraqis, and drama and comedy series starred, directed and produced by Iraqis.

Alsumaria have exclusive rights to broadcast movies, documentaries, musicals, children, entertainment, and sports shows.
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* País; Irak
* capital; Bagdad
* Lengua; árabe
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