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  5. Description: CCTV-2 (“Economy” until August 25, 2009) is operated by China Central Television in the People’s Republic of China. The channel broadcasts programs on the economy and life services.
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  7. History: CCTV-2 was launched in 1962. At the time, it was China’s first color TV channel and served primarily educational purposes.In 1983, CCTV-2 became an “economic comprehensive channel”, broadcasting sports programs, agricultural shows, variety shows and reruns of the CCTV-1 programs. It also airs programs from other countries.

    In 1999, the channel was renamed the “CCTV Economic Life and Service Channel”.

    In 2003, its name was changed again to the “CCTV Economy Channel”, and it stopped broadcasting sports programs, with an exception of the Olympic Games. All other programs were unaffected by the change.

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