Jame Jam Television Network en vivo

* Canal; Jaam-e-Jam TV Network

Jame Jam Television Network

Jame Jam Television Network

* Palabra Clave de Búsqueda Google; Jame Jam Television Network en vivo
* Descripción; Jame Jam 1 (IRIB 1) is a television channel showing programs for Iranians living outside of Iran. This program is specially made to show memories of Iranians living in the past. This channel also includes TV series which are shown in Domestic TV in Iran. Jame Jam are three channels. Jame Jam 1 is for Europe, Jame Jam 2 for America and Jame Jam 3 is for Asia and Oceania.

In July 2013, IRIB 1 and other Iranian channels have been removed from several European and American satellites (amongst others those of Eutelsat and Intelsat), allegedly because of the Iran sanctions, even though an EU spokesman said that these sanctions do not apply to media.
* Historia;
* Sector; Asia
* Facebook; https://vi-vn.facebook.com/ ; Twitter: https://twitter.com/ ; You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/
* INICIO; http://www.jjtvn.ir/
* Transmisión En Vivo; http://www2.live.irib.ir/web/live/tv/jamejam1
* País; Irán
* capital; Teherán
* Lengua; persa
* Categorías; General

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