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* Descripción; Sahar TV is the name of two Iranian TV channels that are part of Sahar Universal Network (SUN) which is the branch of Islamic Republic Of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) responsible for broadcasting programs internationally. Programs are produced in English, French, Arabic, Urdu, Azeri, Kurdish and others. It broadcasts to Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus, some parts of Northern Africa, Oceania, and all the countries in the subcontinent of India and Eastern Asia.
* Historia;On 16 December 1997, Sahar Universal Network began broadcasting English programs for one hour a day. It gradually increased its airtime up to 4 hours a day.

Although the main function of English TV is to propagate the Islamic educations, the structure of the topics and genres of programs in English TV is miscellaneous. In a general view, to promulgate its messages, English TV of Sahar Universal Network does not only take the political issues into account. In that case, politics is not the only matter that is focused by the English TV team, but the cultural, social and economical hot topics are concentrated. This medium makes use of different genres in producing the programs. News, miscellaneous programs, scientific and social documentaries, clips, game shows, etc. are some of these genres.

English TV has produced works such as “Meteor of Religion” (Davood Alizadeh- 2008), “Sighs of Sorrow” (Mohammad Dargahi- 2009), “Sheikh of Siam” (Hamid Reza Kouhpaei- 2011), “Islamophobia” (Jamal Omidvar Tehrani- 2012) and among its most significant works one can refer to the routine daily or weekly programs including:
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